Advantage of Seamless Gutter

The biggest advantage of a seamless gutter is that there are no breaks in the gutters; therefore you will have no leaks because of the lack of joints.

With traditional gutter systems, the gutter comes in several different pieces and they have to be joined together, leaving those places open for leaks and drips. Seamless gutters are extruded as one piece; therefore there is a greatly reduced chance of water damage to your home.

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The one disadvantage to these gutters is that, because they are cut to length onsite, they have to be manufactured by a professional onsite. This will of course increase the investment you put into your gutters to a higher price point.

Installation and Maintenance

Although sectional systems are easy to install, which is great for do-it-yourselfers, seamless gutters need to be installed by professional roofing contractors. Since they aren't standardized for just any house, seamless rain gutters need to be customized for your particular home design.

You still need to clean them occasionally from any leaves or debris which can build up in the channels. And though you can invest in guards, screens, and covers to slow down this build-up, you can't avoid this chore all together.

If they are not well maintained, the purpose of these products will be negated because water won't be channeled properly, which will once again put your home at risk.