All About Cameo Jewelry

Since cameos have been first made people have loved them & worn them. It makes such amazing jewelry that it just won't ever become out fashioned. It is certainly a mark of prestige for many & sophistication but anyone can wear a cameo. May it be on a velvet choker or a stunning ring it just goes with any style. Nowadays cameos are either hand sculpted from shell or other gemstone or molded out in many different materials.

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When it comes to choosing between hand-carved or not you will be confronted with different types of marketing pushing either one. Handcarved pieces of course are all unique, some lady's profiles (as you will notice) are not really perfect.

You might end up with a little weird nose or chin and you will definitely pay big bucks for handcrafted pieces made out of genuine shell or gemstones. Still, for many, those are the real thing & they won't consider anything else.

If on the other hand, you don't mind the material as long as it looks good & is durable you will be pleased to find many at affordable prices. Those very detailed perfect cameos are being molded mostly out of resin. You will find them in a variety of sizes & colors such as blue, purple, violet, green, carnelian, black, pink & more. Those are durable & you always get that perfect profile in beautiful details.