All About Family Office Investment In UAE

A Family Office Investment is a private company (limited or unrestricted) controlled and managed by its directors (usually the parents), with family members (usually children) owning the shares. All daily control and investment decisions are delegated to the director. You can also know more about family office finance in UAE through various online sources.

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Therefore, a family investment office can be used by individuals who wish to transfer value to a family member (or another person) but retain control of the donated assets and/or access to the recipient.

Family Office Investment offers:

-A means of passing on wealth to generations;

-Ability to remain in control while giving up beneficial ownership;

-Asset protection;

-Inheritance tax protection (IHT)

-Tax savings and deferral.

How do they work?

Executive members and family office investment terms can be tailored to the specific needs of the family and cover aspects such as profit sharing, return on capital, transfer of shares, and appointment of directors.

Parents usually stay in control by registering for voting shares. They can then choose to donate non-voting stock to their children or give them cash to buy non-voting stock. Alternatively, parents can arrange for shares or cash to subscribe to shares in the trust for the benefit of their children. With respect to children's shares, other safeguards can be built into the company.