All About Green Peel Treatment

Green Peel is a safe, non-surgical facial treatment that uses natural plant ingredients to gently exfoliate and regenerate the skin. It was created in 1950 by a German pair of dermatologists, and since then has been widely used to treat skin conditions of diversity. For decades, innovation has made the Green Peel more effective and versatile. 

Thousands of green peel treatments are performed every month, but not all patients understand how it works. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Green Peel and its effects.

What is the difference between the Green Peel?

Unlike other peeling methods, Green Peel does not use any synthetic materials or chemical peeling. Instead, it uses natural herbal and plant extracts, mixed gently to coax the unwanted skin layers. This makes it much safer and less irritating, even when the compound contacts the eyes. 

How to peel natural materials?

Peeling action is done by micro-particles of the same grass. These particles gently polish the skin in the upper layer or epidermis, and other active substances penetrate into the deeper layers. 

Over the next 48 hours, they release the vitamins, enzymes, and plant hormones, which clean and refresh the skin variety. 

Is the Green Peel treatment hurt?

You will not feel anything like the product is massaged onto your skin. However, after the second or third day, the skin appears red and swollen, and you may feel a slight burning sensation. 

This is the old layers of skin slowly peeling off as a result. Burning is not harmful and only takes a day or two. Some people also report a tingling sensation under the skin of old layers that were removed. Again, this is completely normal and should not be cause for concern.