ASVAB Test Prep Tutoring In Benson, NC

Based on the results of the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) it is determined whether you are eligible for military service and whether you are assigned to the appropriate job. 

The ASVAB military test at is designed to measure skills in four areas: verbal, math, science and technology, and spatial thinking. ASVAB training is a personalized experience consisting of an initial diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses, personalized curriculum development, personalized training and weekly homework assignments. 

Our ASVAB exam preparation courses are typically delivered online via a virtual whiteboard. In a highly personalized personal training relationship, the first session involves reviewing diagnostic tests, reviewing each section of the ASVAB, and developing a personalized training plan. 

A series of sessions follows to review strategies for each section of the ASVAB and discuss practical issues. Meet ASVAB influential people online and hear the experiences of other test takers. Thanks to technology and the amount of study material now available for free, absorbing information is easier than ever.

All ASVAB test preparation is carried out by experienced ASVAB professional instructors. For example, Jim R. has a PhD in physics from the University of Chicago and more than 20 years of online teaching experience. He has worked with many ASVAB tests over the past few years.