Best Job Search Engines

Are you looking for a job online? Do you need to know what the best job search engines are? Here are the top job search engines and a strategy that will help you expand your online job search.

Image Source Google

Engine #1 comes in first because they are the largest and provide the best resources. You can post your resume for employers and search for jobs that are listed. is very user friendly and is able to claim that they work with the most employers because they do. This is the first place you should stop on your job search.

Engine #2 is the second stop on your search because they are more local oriented than most of the other search engines. They offer a different site for each major city in the United States. Many employers prefer because they are so localized and provide hot leads for employers. You can post your resume and search jobs in your field at

There is another strategy to finding a job that works very well. Use's local search and search for companies in your field. Then, visit their website and email them your resume. You could also mail it if they don't have a website listed. This is a great way to get your resume in front of employers that have yet to place their employment ads or might be looking for someone, but don't have an ad out there.

Use all of these methods to find your next job and you will be able to do it quicker and easier. Combine the three best job search engines along with the last strategy and you will have better luck getting your resume in front of the right employer.