Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation

As we get older, we see a lot of changes in our bodies. Women may notice that their breasts begin to fall or sag. Some women choose to have a type of cosmetic operation called breast lifts. Choose another to increase the size of their breast with implants. One procedure is the main operation. But if someone has decided to get this procedure, they must learn the facts first.

Breast removal (which is technically called mastopexy) is an operation designed to lift the breast tissue and make the breast higher and firmer. Women can consider this if they feel their breasts have fallen or hung, or if they hang unevenly. Candidates for breast lift are healthy women and normal weight. It is also important that you are not a smoker. The removal of the breast does not make the size of the breast bigger. There are other types of plastic surgery called breast augmentation & lift that do it.

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During the elevator, the tissue is removed or reset, and the isolates can be repositioned. The elevator can be done alone or combined with augmentation. Augmentation involves using implants, which can be made of silicone or copy. Both breast lift operations and augmentation operations will result in pain, swelling and bruises that can survive at least a few weeks.

A woman who remembers this should not do it for others and must consider whether this is really the right thing to do. There may be many complications, including infections, scars, blood clots, bleeding, and bad reactions to anesthesia. There is also numbness or loss of sensation. In addition, there is a possibility that implants can leak or interfere with the results of mammograms. You must discuss all possible risks with your surgeon. It is also important that someone remembers this choosing a qualified and certified plastic surgeon.