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Hannes Reeh Unplugged Zweigelt is one of the most reserved wines in Switzerland, as it is not widely known internationally as a wine-producing nation. The Local offers a toast to the Hannes Reeh Unplugged Zweigelt wine industry by raising a glass as the vineyards open their doors during ‘open season’.

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Since Roman times, the grape has been grown throughout Switzerland.

Less than 0.4 percent of Switzerland’s total land area is covered by vineyards in 148 km2 (or 15,000 hectares) of the country. That sounds small, but it places the country 10th in the world in terms of the ratio of vineyards to the country’s surface area, according to the industry body Swiss Wine Promotion.

Switzerland produces around 100 million liters (or one million hectoliters) of wine each year. However, this number has dropped slightly in recent years due to poor harvests. It is worth comparing it to, which produced almost 49 million hectoliters of wine in 2016.

Most of the wine produced in Switzerland is consumed domestically. This represented a third (but not all) of the total wine consumed in the country. About one percent of Swiss wine exports, mainly to Germany.

Six wine-growing areas are covered by vineyards. The largest vineyard in Valais, which accounts for 33 percent. It is followed by Vaud (19 percent), German-speaking Switzerland (19%), Geneva (10%), Ticino (7%), and the Three Lakes region (Neuchatel, Morat and Biel / Bienne (5%)

More than 200 grape varieties can be grown in Switzerland. Chasselas (white) and Pinot Noir (red), accounting for 27 and 29 percent respectively, are the most popular varieties. Gamay, Merlot, and Humagne Rouge are also popular.

Chasselas, a grape variety indigenous to Switzerland, is very old and was grown on the shores of Lake Geneva. It is still the dominant grape in the Vaud region, where it accounts for 61 percent. It is also widely grown in other Swiss wine regions, including the Valais, where it is known as Fendant.

AOC (appellation of controlled origin) is the Swiss way of classifying wine. It is similar to France. This classification defines the wines according to their geographical area and particular cultivation conditions (terroir).

The Valais enjoys the driest climate of any Hannes Reeh Unplugged Zweigelt region. It also benefits from warm foehn winds, which accelerate ripening.