Ceiling Hoist Systems aligned with Aged Care Quality Standards

Healthcare recently underwent an independent evaluation of the ceiling lift lines and examined how the product meets current Australian standards for quality elderly care. The results can be seen here, but briefly found a correlation between 6 of the 8 standards. Outstanding results. Ceiling hoist solutions play a very important role in disabled people life. You can also visit https://www.paramobility.com.au/luna-ceiling-hoist/ to buy ceiling hoist solutions for your loved ones.

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Consumer dignity and choice

Ceiling hoists help restore dignity to stationary occupants who need a lifting system for their daily maintenance. With available equipment, are required to complete many notoriously difficult manual tasks. This clearly has a cost-saving advantage for the organization.

Minimize the risk of transmission by taking preventive measures based on transmission

Most of the customers who have chosen overhead lifts in the past have done so to get more time to look after the service staff. This is true because the device is always kept in the bedroom and is constantly charging. However, an added benefit of fixed ceiling lifts is increased infection protection – with ceiling lifts there is no need to share equipment among occupants.

Effective Risk Management Systems and Practices

For service staff, the Guldmann ceiling lift system reduces the physical strain caused by manual handling. Interventions initiated by safe handling coordinators are usually more effective when staff have access to ceiling lifts than other portable lifting devices. In addition, residents have a lower risk of cutting and more opportunities to be active and participate in lifestyle games because their movement is much easier.