Choosing an Airport Parking Service

When driving your vehicle to the airport, the biggest hassle is almost always parking. Parking provided by airport authorities is often expensive and lacks some of the key features that most people expect from long-term parking.

Fortunately, private businesses can fill the void and provide convenient and cost-effective parking solutions close to airports. However, not all of these services are created equal, as some provide a much higher level of service than others. When you choose a long-term parking company for your vehicle, there are some key features you should consider along with the price. To know more about international airport parking prices through

Valet parking

The best airport parking services offer valet parking service and this is something you should look for in any parking service you are thinking of using. It serves as both a convenience for you and a safety measure for your vehicle.

First, the convenience for you is that you can simply bring your vehicle to the front entrance of the parking facility and have it parked for you – no mess and no fuss. Of course, on the way back, the valet service will also bring your car from its allotted location to meet you at the front entrance. This is very convenient, but it is not the only advantage.

The other big advantage of this system is security. By limiting access to parking spaces for company-employed valets, the potential for accidental or malicious damage to your vehicle is greatly reduced.

24 hours service

24-hour service is the bare minimum you should expect from any long-term car parking company. Flights leave and arrive at all hours of the day and night, so you need the ability to leave your vehicle, or pick it up, at any time of day or night.

Additional services

Most good airport parking services will have a wide range of additional services. These may include mechanical tune-ups car washing, or waxing while your car is parked at the facility. Be sure to check out any additional services you might find useful before choosing your next long-term car parking facility.