Choosing Threads and Needles For Machine Quilting

For beginners, the choices for a thread for machine quilting can seem overwhelming. Many people believe that 100% cotton or cotton-covered cotton sewing threads are the best for quilting. Synthetic fibers can eventually cut through cotton fabric, particularly where blocks are joined. Quilters often choose cotton or cotton-covered nylon as their preferred threads. 

There are other options for threads that can be used in machine quilting. Many of our quilts were made to learn a new pattern or try out our own designs. These quilts are often made for comfort, or to comfort our children, grandchildren, or beloved pets. You can visit to buy threads and needles.

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If you are able to accept that not all your quilts will be heirlooms, it won't bother or discourage you from trying new threads for quilting. You might be hesitant to try other threads for your quilts. I hope this information will inspire you to have more fun and experiment with different threads for machine quilting.

Numbering threads is based on their size. The number of the lightest thread is the highest. A 50/3 number on a spool means that it is a 50-ply thread. A 50/3 sewing thread will be finer than a 40/3 for quilting. A heavier thread is preferred in most cases because it will show more on my quilt, but this is just an individual preference.