Construction Apps That Will Make Any Contractor’s Life Easier

As a general contractor, you often have to wear very different hats when dealing with different aspects of a construction project. Below are four great apps for your iPhone and iPad to use on the go. 

The apps help contractors streamline four areas that need to be addressed in almost every construction project; Perform advanced calculations, estimate costs, prepare projects and manage forms and reports. You can aso get more information about construction apps via

Construction apps is designed for one purpose; to fix something that went wrong with all the other construction calculators and create a comprehensive calculator to help streamline calculations for contractors. Build Calc streamlines all advanced features and eliminates the need to go through multiple steps to get the calculations you want. 

When using the advanced functions, you can get the results of your calculations with one or two keystrokes. Some of the advanced features included in this app are advanced railing features, advanced ladder features, railing features, interactive features and many more. 

This app is a must have for any contractor or estimator. This app has so many great features and what I'm listing here is just the tip of the iceberg. There are built-in project templates for the most common construction jobs that can be used as a basis for making project forecasts. This app has a barcode scanner feature which works with all products in any Home Depot store.