Custom Jewelry And Enhancer Bails Work For Your Pendant

Guarantee the adder works. An adder is an insert that opens to allow a necklace, like a bead, to be placed, and an adder closes to attach it to the necklace. 

The type of closure is an important consideration. Some just get "constipated". You can also look for the best jewelry bails through the web.

Sterling Silver Plain

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The "Number 8" guard is often found on bracelets with bangles, gold necklaces with box or cylinder clasps and bracelets. The safest type of amp that closes at once and has a number 8 fuse for added security to keep the amp from opening when worn on a necklace.

On the other hand, the size of the pearl necklace should also be in harmony with the pendant. I have seen some enhancers that are too big for pendants and take away from their beauty. 

If the necklace requires a larger hole, you can opt for a longer, thinner amp that can accommodate a larger necklace but is narrow enough to look balanced with the pendant.

Many people are looking for special jewelry such as Jerusalem gold pendants with small diamonds or cz in the center of each cross. 

This unusual cross shape is unlikely to be available in a jewelry store. Sometimes these shops have a cross ornament, but mostly it is not gold.