Different Uses Of A Scrabble Helper

Have you ever found yourself wishing you were an accomplished wordsmith? Have you ever felt frustrated because you couldn't seem to form any word from the random letters on your rack? Then, you're just like the rest of the people who've ever had a chance to play Scrabble or Words with Friends. There are times, while playing the game, you just feel like you've hit a mental wall in your brain because you can't seem to find any pattern. 

And that can be extremely frustrating. If you do a search on Google using the words "Scrabble helper" or "Scrabble help", there are numerous results that will come back to you linking to some online tool that will help you win every game of Scrabble. You can also browse scrabblewordcheat.com to use these tools.

There are other uses for a Scrabble helper aside from getting rid of frustrating moments such as the one described above. Basically, it is an online tool that one can use to form words out of the random letters on your rack; something like an anagram solver. 

This tool can be used when playing Scrabble or any other similar word game such as Words with Friends. Obviously, a tool like this provides players with some Scrabble help when they feel like they can't form any words from the letters that they have.