Educational Videos – Some Teaching Points

Educational videos can be a great tool for teaching, whether you're an experienced teacher or just starting out. There are many ways you can use them. Educational videos can be used to teach a wide range of learning styles, including audio and visual learners.

Clips can be used to introduce the lesson or to add images to support new vocabulary and concepts. Full-length educational videos can be used to present the main content of a lesson or to review the material at the end. You can search for the best animated video presentation company for your education.

Subtitles can be used, if possible, to support English language learners in identifying text and associating images with it. To stimulate your thinking, you can play educational videos in a variety of ways: silently, backward, with the soundtrack, freeze frames, and using videos from other subject areas.

Educational videos are rated for classroom use and have content outlines, chapters, and grade levels. Technology has also made it possible to project video and deliver it online to your classroom. More educational websites offer instant content.

Some "tubes" require previewing, so it may take some time and planning to ensure that the content is appropriate for your lesson. With the right tools, other teachers can save the effort of searching for the content you have found. You might find links to educational videos from other teachers on some sites. If you're lucky you may also find a lesson plan.

You don't have time to go through every link on the Internet to find the right material for your class. Alabama Public Television's APT Plus site has proved to be very helpful for teachers. It gives them access to an extensive online library of educational videos covering all curriculum areas. This site also has links to other online video libraries.