Enjoying Casual Fine Dining At Country Clubs

The food we eat in luxury restaurants always impresses us with its creativity and uniqueness. Menu options are usually limited, but change daily or weekly. This allows the chef to express himself in a variety of dishes and to present the best and finest dishes. Also, by rotating menu items, the restaurant always serves only the freshest ingredients.

But if you are looking for places for good casual fine dining, country clubs are also the best option. They are always several steps above any casual restaurant. The waiters are exceptionally skilled, very friendly and seem to know their customers' wishes and desires before they are asked.

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Clients are kindly escorted to their table and to the bathroom. Explain menu items and make recommendations when prompted. Waiters are trained to pay attention to details, no matter how insignificant they may seem. 

The atmosphere in country clubs is another characteristic that makes fine dining so different. Colors and décor are always well chosen and perfectly matched. The tables have fresh flowers as centerpieces. Music played softly in the background is relaxing. 

No rock or pop music will be heard there. It is usually classical or light jazz, depending on the theme of the country club. The lighting is subtle and inviting. A fireplace adds to the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Casual fine dining at country clubs are often booked months in advance. When customers are well cared for, they will return and don't mind paying more for the comfortable atmosphere, great food, and exceptional service.