Extending Vocational Education and Training

In today's society, it seems that there are many more opportunities for individuals to take advantage of a variety of professions in order to earn money. 

. Make sure Vocational Education and Training is a top priority in your state and local governments.

. Encourage businesses to offer training and apprenticeship programs as part of their employee development plans.

. Increase funding for vocational education and training programs, including through the federal government's AmeriCorps program, state and local governments, and private sources.

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Ways To Boost Vocational Education And Training

There are many ways to boost vocational education and training to help Americans find good jobs. Here are three ways to get started: 

. Expand apprenticeship and job-training programs. Apprenticeship programs give experienced workers the opportunity to learn new skills while working for a company. Job-training programs provide training in specific occupations, so that workers can gain the skills they need for careers in those fields. 

. Promote online learning opportunities. Online learning gives students access to classes and materials from anywhere, at any time. This makes it easier for people who may not have time to attend traditional classes or who want to continue their education even when they’re not on campus. 

.Encourage employers to adopt innovative training methods. Employers can help train employees by adopting innovative training methods, such as computer-based learning or job simulations. By doing this, companies can save money while giving their employees the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.


Vocational education and training (VET) can play a crucial role in helping people find and keep jobs. To boost VET: through the promotion of lifelong learning, improving access to quality courses, and increasing the number of opportunities for students to gain experience.