Facebook Chat Bots For Customer Service Via Facebook Messenger

Messenger Bot is one of the latest inventions of Facebook's Research and Development wing. It has the ability to integrate with various third-party applications such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Weibo, Viber, and many others. Since it is an artificially intelligent system, Chatbot is able to understand and speak the language of its users. In a way, it becomes a translator and a virtual assistant as well.

It has the ability to perform tasks such as:

The first task for Facebook Chatbot is to analyze your profile information. It goes through each post in your page and analyzes the keywords used in it. Based on the analysis, it will try to determine if there are any gaps or if the keywords used in your page are not enough to bring potential customers towards the site. The second step is to analyze your demographics and to use these to promote or to demote you from the lead generation list. In this manner, it can better categorize your profile information and to provide the best groups or the most appropriate group to reach your target audience.

The third and last step involves grouping you according to geography and by keyword. Based on the analysis, it will group you according to geography, gender, age, posts made in the past six months, and so on. Nowadays, social media has become very popular and every person has at least two social accounts on Facebook and a similar number on other social sites. For this purpose, Facebook Chatbot was designed to make the categorization much easier. In case you already have a niche in mind and want to promote it, you only need to select the most appropriate group and give a brief description of the niche.

Apart from analyzing your profile information and providing relevant information to your customers, Facebook Chatbot provides other important functions. It helps you to initiate a new conversation and respond to queries. Now you don't need to use lengthy sentences or complex words as the bot will do it for you. It also suggests the best chatbot examples that you can use in the discussion. This way, your Facebook Messenger Bot is able to give you a better experience and more engaging experience than what you might have with a typical website like Facebook.

Facebook chatfuel is an innovative tool that allows you to connect with many chatheads at the same time. You can use it to search for a specific keyword or a phrase and it will suggest as many chatfuel topics related to your query. One of the most important aspects of using chatfoods such as Facebook Chatbot is that it supports a wide variety of languages and dialects. This means that if you are chatting with someone in India, you can ask him/her in English or in Hindi or in any other language and they will get it in their native language. It saves you a lot of time and effort when compared to using the built in translator in Facebook messenger.

The next step is to choose a chatbot from the many available Facebook chatpacks available on the website. You will get step by step guides on how to set up the bot on your Facebook account. Once the installation process is completed, you will have to install the Facebook chatbot on your desktop. You will have to enter the required data and create an identity in order to make your Facebook chatbot a valid one.

After this, you can start creating campaigns through Facebook messenger which is the recommended way for generating leads. Through this method, you will be able to collect contact information and email addresses of your customers who have visited your site via facebook messenger. Now with the help of your Facebook Chatbot you should send out your sales leads via facebook messenger to your customers. The whole procedure is very simple and easy.

There are a number of advantages and benefits that you can derive once you start using Facebook chatbot for customer service via facebook messenger. Apart from making sales leads you will also be able to generate contact information and email addresses of your customers. This will help you to send out regular newsletters to them and keep them updated about the latest promos and offers. To make full use of the services of the Facebook chatbot for customer service, you should always use premium services.