Fall Lawn Maintenance – Four Key Points for A Beautiful Fall Lawn

Lawn Fall maintenance is slightly different from the work you do in spring and summer. For many grasses, the peak planting season is behind them, and the cooler temperature slows the growth rate. Even so, there are a few useful steps that you can take to help your page look great, and ready for the next growth wave in the spring.

1. Verify your climate zone

The growth rate for grass will depend on your climate zone. You can find a graph that shows this info in garden supply stores or on the lawn and garden guide. For moderate climates, you can see the growth of falls continuing with winter and warm season grass. You can also hire professionals to do fall lawn preservation.

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2. Adjust your high grass cutting machine

When your grass growth is slowing down, you will want to cut the grass slightly lower. This helps to avoid scream buildup. Each type of grass has a high range of high cutting. Use a lower range value for autumn grass maintenance.

3. Rake leaves

Leaves can block the sun from reaching your grass during the fall term, which can contribute to the initial brownish page. Leaves can also increase acidity, creating additional problems. To avoid this problem, sweep and plant your leaves for disposal or composting.

4. Adjust your fertilization schedule

With a slowdown in falling in growth, your fertilization schedule will depend on the type of grass you have. For warm season grass, your lawn is not active. Adding fertilizer now will only promote weeds. For this grass, it is best to wait until spring.