Florida’s Slurry Pumps – An Overview

 Slurry pumps are often subjected to severe shock loading and shaft whip due to the presence of solids and system upsets. For these reasons, soft compression packing is still favored as a means of sealing at the stuffing box. The preferred method for packing a slurry pump is the “flush” seal.

Here the lantern ring is positioned in front of the packing rings and a copious supply of clean liquid is injected at a pressure higher than the prevailing slurry pressure in the stuffing box. The clean liquid acts as a barrier and prevents the ingress of abrasive particles that cause packing and sleeve wear. To buy this pumping system for various industrial purposes, one can contact a reliable slurry pumps & parts distributor in Florida.

This configuration is called a “weep” seal. Again, the clean liquid should be injected at a pressure higher than the prevailing slurry pressure near the stuffing box. Product dilution is significantly reduced compared to the “flush” seal design. However, the barrier created is not very effective, causing abrasive particles to penetrate and cause wear. If the service is only mildly abrasive, then grease can be used in lieu of liquid.

It is impossible to predict the exact amount of flushing water required when the packing is “weep” type since this is dependent on shaft deflection and gland maintenance. However, under normal operating conditions, the webpage would be in the order of 5% of the values for a “flush” packing arrangement.

In most cases, seals and flush requirements are provided in ignorance of the real pressure prevailing at the stuffing box, which results in excessive use of gland water and increased maintenance.