Getting a Green Card With The Help Of A Green Card Lawyer

A green card is proof that you are a legal permanent resident in the United States. This also means that you are legally granted immigration benefits so you can live and work in the United States legally. There are many options for getting a green card. Sponsorship by family members is one way to get a green card. Another way is to work. 

This is where the sponsor is the US company who decides to hire you. A green card can be obtained while you're in the US, or abroad. Consular Processing can issue a green card to you if you are outside the US or are not eligible for adjustment status. You can hire a professional green card lawyer via

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If you're in the US and are eligible to apply for a green card based on sponsorship by your employer or family member or if you're currently in asylum/refugee status, you can file Form I-485 to the USCIS to request permanent resident status. You can apply to become a permanent resident of America if you have an approved immigrant visa petition and are currently in the U.S. 

To be eligible to file, you must not apply for a category where visa numbers are always available. If your application is based on a relationship to your spouse, who is a US citizen and is applying for permanent residence, the child or parent may be eligible to file an application to adjust status to permanent resident simultaneously with the immigrant petition.