Guide on Swimming Pool Enclosures

For anyone who owns an outdoor pool, the three keys to getting the most out of the pool are:

1. Keep the pool clean and free of dirt

2. Maximize the usage period

3. Keep heating costs as low as possible.

There are several ways to achieve this goal, from pool covers to solar heaters to floating sun rings. However, the most effective way to protect water, retain latent heat, and increase year-round use is to cover the pool area with structural enclosures or sheds.

Swimming pool covers are different from enclosures because they not only cover and protect the area but also allow for swimming and bathing when the cage is in a closed position.

Boxes come in a variety of shapes, the most popular being the telescopic split roof. With this type of structure, several parts of the telescope come together to cover the pool in cooler weather and retract to leave the area exposed on warmer days. This tent can be moved or opened manually and shifted on rails.

All parts are made of tempered glass or a plexiglass-like material held in a lightweight frame that slides around the perimeter of the pool. The canopy is usually high enough for a person to walk without bending over, and most models have manually adjustable vents. This type of canopy offers maximum flexibility and can even be positioned in a semi-open or semi-closed state.