Himalayan Cedarwood Essential Oil

The Cedrus atlantica tree belongs to the Abietaceae family. The tree is native to Algeria. Like many essential oils, their use dates back to ancient times. It is known that Himalayan cedar essential oil was used by the ancient Egyptians as an embalming oil as well as for cosmetic purposes.

Cedar as a tree is known to be independent. Used in many external applications without support. The natural oil contained in cedarwood is an oil extract that ensures the natural preservation of cedarwood.

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Extraction process

Cedar oil is obtained by steam distillation. Different grades of sawdust and shavings. Steam extraction works by pumping steam into a chamber containing sawdust and cedar sawdust. The steam releases the oil cell and mixes with the steam. The steam is then cooled and the water and oil are separated.

Used as essential oil

-Cedarwood essential oil is an excellent insect repellent. A few drops in a drawer or cupboard will help repel moths and crawling insects. Cedar liver has been used as an alternative to naphthalene for many years.

– Cedarwood essential oil, massaged into the joints, is known to relieve arthritis and rheumatism.

-Cedar oil can be used as a preservative. The ancient Egyptians discovered this when they used it as an embalming oil. It can be used to preserve animal skins, although it is an expensive option.