How can you Make Instant Coffee Taste Better?

Coffee is a common daily necessity for most people. It seems impossible to make a perfectly brewed cup of coffee every day with the pace of modern life. It can be time-consuming to make your coffee at home. Moreover, frequent visits to local cafes can prove impractical.

Instant coffee is still the fastest way to get your caffeine fix. It does have a reputation for being bitter and chalky. What can we do to enjoy this convenient, quick and affordable option?

What is Instant Coffee?

Before we get to the suggestions for making instant coffee more delicious, let's first define instant coffee. Instant coffee is made from dried coffee extract. There are two ways to make instant coffee. One is by spraying liquid coffee through hot air. This dries out the coffee and turns it into grains. The second is made by freeze-drying coffee. This is gentler and has a better taste. If you don’t have one, you can buy the best instant coffee at

Instant Coffee vs. Ground Coffee

Although they look similar, both types of coffee are made differently. Both start in the roasting phase of the beans. These beans are then ground and ready to be brewed into a cup.

The process of making instant coffee involves an additional step. The coffee beans are roasted and ground into liquid form. After that, it is dried using hot air or frozen, which turns to instant coffee.