How CCTV Drainage Survey Helps Plumbers Today

Plumbing companies also provide CCTV drains survey services. Although you might be skeptical about inviting a plumber to your home to install a camera into your pipes, this can actually be one of the most informative processes for plumbers who are trying to provide high quality service.

Both exterior and interior drain lines can be inspected with video inspection systems. They can also be used to inspect sewer lines. If you’re looking to install cameras for CCTV drain survey inspection visit for good services. 

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These cameras are extremely small and can be inserted into any of your pipe systems. This allows you to show the inside of your pipes to the plumber that you work with.

Here are some examples of things in-pipe camera systems can help a plumber to identify:

  • Clogs and Blockages – You have two options: either spend money on testing many products to determine the problem or send down the camera to quickly diagnose the problem and get the right solution.
  • Broken or fractured pipes – Before recommending a solution, it is important to identify the source of the crack and determine how severe it is. A good plumber will perform a video inspection of a broken or fractured pipe to determine the cost to fix it.
  • Rust and corrosion- As pipes age, they wear down, deteriorate, rust, and corrode. The plumbing company that you work with may have to replace the damaged pipe if the problem is serious. The plumbing company you work with will be able to assess your pipes and determine the best course.