How Does General Dentistry Work?

What Is General Dentistry?

General Dentistry is the process of treating a variety of oral diseases and injuries and issues that can affect the general health of your teeth, mouth, gums, jaws and related structures. General Dentists take care of all things oral health-related in addition to regular preventative care!

Benefits of General Dentistry

There are many benefits to choosing general dentistry  as your primary care provider. Here are few benefits of General Dentistry:

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1.General dentists have more experience treating all types of dental problems.

2.They are better equipped to deal with complex cases and treatments.

3.They can provide a more comprehensive range of services, such as oral surgery and periodontal care.

How Does General Dentistry Work?

General dentistry is the practice of dentistry that takes care of all types of teeth, from baby teeth to adult teeth. Dentists in general practice typically treat patients with a variety of dental problems, including toothache, gum disease, and broken teeth.Dentists who work in general practice may work with a variety of specialists to provide the best care for their patients. Some dentists specialize in areas such as oral cancer or restorative dentistry.

Who Needs General Dentistry?

General dentistry is a type of dental care that is typically needed by people who have more complex dental problems. If you have any of the following symptoms, you likely need general dentistry:

-You have had a toothache for more than two days

-You have difficulty chewing or swallowing

-You experience pain when you move your teeth or when you brush your teeth