How to Fit Wardrobe Sliding Doors

The benefits of  sliding doors are many and can really beautify a bedroom. When you are looking for quality doors, you may wonder how best to install them, which is why an experienced team close to you can offer excellent installation services as well as lots of reliable advice. Read the step-by-step guide below to make sure your closet doors are installed correctly and with minimal intervention. You can also visit for best wardrobe sliding doors in Perth.

First step – measurement

Before you start looking for sliding doors for your wardrobe, it is important to measure your existing doors accurately to avoid selecting the wrong size. At the same time measuring the old door, it makes sense to measure the old track.

Step Two – Choose your door

The company is able to offer a bespoke service and will be happy to visit you at home to determine the best style for your needs. However, if you visit them in their showroom and take measurements, that's not a problem at all. They provide a wide variety of sliding doors that never fail to impress.

Step Three – Install the door

Hold the door up and tilt the bottom toward you before attaching the top to the track using the mechanism that came with the door, e.g. rolls. Once attached, ask the bottom to move away from your body so that it falls in a straight line; From here you can attach the floor to the bottom rail.