Identity Management On Mobile And Cloud For Security

With the rise of cloud and mobile technology, IT security is spiraling out of control, extending beyond physical boundaries within the enterprise and bringing various third-party companies within the once-holy sacred. 

To embrace cloud technology to reap cost savings and increase productivity through enterprise mobility, accelerate time to market, and embrace technology that is based on the Bring Your Device (BYOD) phenomenon, many companies are facing issues with managing mobile devices (MDM) as well as the burden of managing identities along with security and regulatory compliance. You can outsource professionals for identity management services by navigating over here.

University of Chichester embraces modern identity lifecycle management - ProofID

Cloud-based SaaS solutions help both small and large companies decrease the operational and infrastructure burdens to improve profits and increase agility in business. But, this strategy is not without cost. Data centers are taken away from IT security's strict vigilance not just physically, but as regards ownership. A growing number of business applications and data are being accessed in non-secure enterprise networks.

Enterprise workers are also more exigent. They utilize business apps from their mobile devices that are not connected to offices and often access sensitive information. In the same way, users do not want to be slowed by numerous security layers that slow up their performance.

Enterprises don't require a separate mobile identity management software to address their BYOD and related concerns. They require unified identity management services that handle identities across mobile, cloud, and on-premise systems

Certain unified identity solutions leverage the existing infrastructure for identity management of enterprises and allow access to the latest features to improve the management of mobile workforces.

Identity management services are essential for companies to secure their clients and themselves from security threats while also embracing the latest technologies and trends to keep the competitive advantage.