Latest Business Card Trends You Should Know About

Business cards have broken their traditional boundaries and gotten a lot more creative in recent years. Although there is still a place for the traditional engraved card, those in creative businesses are finding new ways to express their individuality through their cards.

These are some of the recent trends that we have noticed.

Rounded corners:

Giving your own cards a softer touch, rounded corners are a great option if you want a friendly and approachable feel for your brand. Cutting the corners marginally increases the price of the card, as it is an additional procedure. You can get more information about Custom Shaped Cards from various sources over the internet.

Matte finish:

Glossy cards are difficult to write, making them awkward for that multimedia touch of jotting down notes or numbers on the cards before handing them out. A matte finish allows for writing, with a subtle, attractive shine, and provides good card protection for longer life.

QR codes:

Love them or hate them, today they are making their presence felt on business cards everywhere. The secret is to use them both in the plan and where they contribute – a URL that takes visitors to a newsletter sign-up page is just a practical use for them.

Images on cards:

They always say that a picture is worth a thousand words and on a business card where space is restricted, pictures can make a big difference in making your brand memorable.