Lawn Grub Control Methods

Yard moles dig through the ground to find grubs or other soil larvae. These moles can cause damage to plants and shrubs, and create ugly dirt mounds or canals in the yard.

It's no surprise that homeowners want to rid their yard of these pesky moles as soon they notice them. Continue reading to find out how to eliminate a grub problem humanely by using products such as nema globe grub busters lawn grub control and safely if you're experiencing similar problems.

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Professional wildlife companies have the necessary equipment and resources to eradicate a mole problem. While you can block tunnels, they can dig new ones around them. Professional intervention is necessary if you want to eliminate moles permanently. First, a licensed wildlife contractor will determine if there are active tunnels. They will then set up non-lethal mole traps, and exclusion methods to stop moles from entering your home.

After these services have been completed, wildlife contractors will begin to implement preventative maintenance tasks to make sure moles don't get to your home. Because moles are after grub control, this includes lawn treatments.

The type of mole problem will determine the method that is best for you. The solution to a single mole problem on your property will be less disruptive than if there are multiple moles. For help in determining the best ways to get rid of moles on your property, you must contact a professional wildlife company. They will provide recommendations and assessments to help prevent wildlife damage and intrusion.