LED Dance Floor to Illuminate Your Wedding

Every wedding is a success with illuminated tracks, regardless of the style. Your guests will love to dance the night away at the disco, thanks to the game of lights and colors.

There are many types of LED dance floor options, each with its own unique advantages and features. It is essential that you choose the best LED dancing platform on rent that suits your wedding style, budget, and location. 

The shape and size. You can choose from square, rectangular, or sometimes circular LED dance floors. It all depends on your taste.

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Cost. It is usually covered by the individual panels that form the track. This depends on the type of lighting and style you choose for your wedding party.

Acrylic head. This track is the most affordable on the market, as it doesn't use LEDs. However, it is not as easy to mix colors and play music with no lights as a track with LEDs. The base of the 

Wedding DJ's track is also made from wood and has unique acrylics in white that will be illuminated by the common focal point of various colors that can be turned on or off during the dance.

Wooden path. This is the most preferred option for Bollywood DJs who are planning to have a garden or carpet wedding. It will not cause damage to the grass or carpet during the dance. These were the first tracks to be released. It is a wooden platform with illuminated panels.