Length And Features Of A Bowling Alley Lane: What You Need To Know

Bowling may seem like an easy game. The goal is simply to move a large ball along a lane to ensure that it knocks out the most pins possible. This simplistic understanding does not accurately reflect what makes bowling such a complex and thrilling game that it is. It is worth taking the time to understand the dimensions and the layout of the bowling lane can be a great starting point for bowlers who are looking to approach the game more seriously. 

The Lane Area:

A bowling lane is 60 feet in length and about 40 inches in width. However, you can visit https://www.jaylanesbowling.com/ to find the bowling alley near you that meets your bowling needs in an efficient manner.

Bowling alley

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The Approach Area:

The actual lane isn't the only thing you need to know about, as the area you use to make your approach is important to a serious bowler. The area, also known as the approach area, contains 39 boards that are aligned with the boards in the Lane.

The Pin Area:

The second major portion of the lane is the pin region, though this isn't as significant for bowlers since it is only used after you've already rolled the ball. This is typically referred to as the pin deck and it's the place on the lane that pins are placed. It is a cushioned area close to the back that can capture pins that fly up, and a mechanism that allows the pins to be returned to the pinsetter, and then sends the ball back down the lane and to bowlers.