Pest Control: Getting Rid Of Rats

Over 4,000 rodent species are classified based on similarities and differences in their anatomy. The total rodent population is made up of three main groups, each with more than 30 families.

Rodent Pest Control Options:

There are many ways of rat control in Sydney & Penrith given via Emerson’s Envirocare, depending on where you live, what your budget is, and how green you want to be. Below are the pros and cons of various pest control options.

Rat Extermination

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Mechanical Traps:

Trapping mice offers many benefits, including safety, convenience, and value. Traps are a great way to prove that the pest control company they hired was effective. This also helps to ensure that rodents don't die in basements or crawl spaces, which can be more difficult to control. The best results are often achieved when traps are used with other green pest control methods.

Green Chemical Pest Control:

This service has many advantages and a few disadvantages. It is possible to use chemical pest control that is low in toxic or non-toxic ingredients. Many pest prevention services offer chemical repellants made up of organic or natural products that are both effective and biodegradable. This option is also environmentally friendly. 

Use Sound To Repel Rodents:

These are more humane than traditional mouse traps. This device emits a loud sound that displaces rodents and causes them to flee your home. This is a great option for people with small children and pets who need to keep them safe.