Plan Sacred Valley Full Day Trip

Traveling to Peru might seem like enough of an adventure for some people. Going to Cusco is an expected thing, however, visiting the neighboring Sacred Valley. A large number of visitors visit this area to take in the lower altitude and beautiful landscape. Many do it to engage in an adventure and among the top well-known routes is off-road mountain biking.

The country is stunning in itself, and most importantly, the Urubamba River part of the Sacred Valley flows from Cusco passing through Machu Picchu and towards the Amazon which makes it among the most breathtaking. If you’re planning to explore Palccoyo rainbow mountain full day tours visit Andean Soul Adventure website to book tickets.

It was one of the main regions that were part of the Inca Empire and are therefore full of ancient indigenous culture. The area is full of ruin sites, many of which can be explored when biking tours.

There are many places that are popular to cycle through in the Sacred Valley. Based on the amount of time available, you could choose a one-day trip and visit only a few of them, or mix them all to make a multi-day excursion. For a single-day tour an ideal destination is Moray. Inca ruin of Moray as well as the saltpans of Salineras.