Private Schools – How Do You Choose the Right School for You?

Choosing a private school is a big decision. Your child will spend many years there and you will spend money on tuition, books and fees. More importantly, which private school your child attends can help shape the rest of the student's life. What should you keep in mind while evaluating a school?

Grade level

First, consider the grade level of the private school. Do you have a young child who will attend this school from Kindergarten to 12th grade? Or would you rather take your child to a Montessori or Waldorf school for elementary grades, a day school for junior high, and then a boarding school? Do you want a continuation of one educational philosophy or do you think it would be better for your child to experience multiple philosophies? Enroll your kids in the best primary schools in Toowoomba via

Student body

Next look at the makeup of the student body or demographics. Is your child comfortable with students from similar or diverse backgrounds? Is diversity important to you? In addition to ethnic origin, diversity can include different economic or religious backgrounds. Also find out what the school's policy is regarding diversity. Does it actively seek out students from all backgrounds? Is the faculty diverse, providing role models for all students, or is it more homogeneous?


One of the most important things to evaluate when considering a private school is academics. What is the focus of the school? Check out the school curriculum to see how the private school offers core subjects such as math, reading and writing. Does the school offer a language program such as the Immersion Program? Does it emphasize art? If you are looking for a private high school, does it offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses? If the school places an emphasis on the arts, will your child have the opportunity to present their talents on a platform that will allow for development? What is the school homework policy?

College acceptance

Another indicator of academic quality for a private high school is its acceptance rate. Find out what the acceptance rate is and whether it covers some of the top colleges in the country. Are there colleges your child might choose to attend? Similar questions should be asked of schools with an emphasis on the arts or military schools. What percentage of graduates go on to careers in those fields? How do private school students score on the SAT or ACT test?