Role Of VIN Before Purchasing Used Car In UAE

Everyone wants to buy a new car. However, one of the biggest challenges in realizing that dream is price. Some people find it impractical to buy a new one because of the cost. This explains why many people turn to used cars. 

While a used car is the best way to go, apart from the appearance of the car, it's a good idea to check the history of the car to avoid problems. This can be done by checking the vehicle identification number so It is always recommended to check car details using VIN number in the UAE

VIN history

For those who don't know, VIN consists of 3 components and each component has its own meaning for used car buyers. The first component consisting of 3 digits describes the Global Manufacturer Identifier, they reveal a large amount of information about the use of the car you are considering. 

It reveals the make, type, start and brand of your used car. This is important because with these numbers you know that the seller listing the car for sale is sticking to his word about the origin of the car with certainty.

The next 5 digits, representing the second part of your VIN, are called the VDS section or Vehicle Description. Before picking up a used car, you need to rely on the design, car model and VIS, which is very important. While the last digit in your VIS is your check digit, it expands on the fact of a person's VIN. Knowing this will help you better understand the authenticity of a used car.

If you are servicing a car that has previously been damaged by floods, you can also find out by looking at the VIN – the same VIN is used if someone tries to offer you a vehicle that is reported stolen.

So It is important that you check the VIN history before purchasing a used car so that you can make the right decision regarding purchasing the vehicle.