Rope Skipping – Workouts Without Weights

A lot of people search the internet for fitness ideas like workouts without weights and rope skipping exercises because they want to find an easy at home exercise to do. This may be due to the increased popularity of more functional fitness programs introduced by things like the 300 movie workout and the P90X workout program.

Those interested in fitness, strength training and muscle building are opting for a return to more traditional forms of exercising. This is where a good jump rope exercise will come in handy. Rope skipping exercises have been used for at least 200 years as a form of entertainment, and at least half that time as a serious conditioning exercise for athletes. You can Shop the best workout jump ropes for beginners and advanced online.

Most people are familiar with the rope skipping routines of boxers. Although, unless you've tried these routines, you are totally unaware of how incredibly intense these aerobic workout can be. A good jump rope fitness routine would be simply to mimic the routines of amateur boxing where there are only three 3 minute rounds.

What you would do is skip rope for 3 minutes and rest 1 minute and repeat this for 3 sets. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself and about jumping rope. If you are looking for good workouts without weights, you should try rope skipping exercises.