Seven Quick Tips To Handling “Scotch Bonnet Peppers”

When we hear the word “pepper”, our minds immediately associate the term with something hot. But like everything else in life, they have different levels of spiciness associated with different peppers – in other words, not all peppers are created equal. To get more details about bonnet peppers or you want to buy them then, you may check it here.

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 Read on and discover 7 simple tips for handling and enjoying Scotch Peppers.

Tip 1: If you like a mild spice, use 2 or 3 thin slices of skin (make sure the scotch is cut at the bottom, i.e. the part that doesn't have the black/brown stem).

 Tip 2: When you pick your herbs, use the whole bowl (be careful not to use any parts near or around the seeds).

 Tip 3: If you want to taste the spiciness of Scottish pepper, use all of the skin and some (not all) of the seeds.

 Tip 4: For absolute pepper lovers, use all peppers, including the stems (but don't cut the stems).

 Tip 5: Cut the pepper with a knife and fork so that the wire doesn't fall into your hands.

 Tip 6: NEVER rub your eyes, touch your tongue or any other sensitive part of your body for at least an hour after handling chili peppers.

 Tip 7: Reduce the amount of pepper you need and store the excess in the freezer (up to a month)

Bell peppers with Scottish lids are incredibly HOT, but when handled properly, they can add a warm and zesty flavor to any dish.