Herman Miller Aeron Chair


If you have never heard of the Aeron chair, the celebrity office chair, it may need a brief presentation. It is a computer chair that was designed in the US by Bill Stumph and Don Chadwick and introduced to the market in 1994. It combines distinctive looks with pioneering ergonomics and performs like no other chair.

It adapts and adjusts to fit its user and is designed to suit people of all sizes and postures doing all kinds of activities, all day long. It is available in 3 different types; task chair, stool, and visiting chair, to accommodate different job roles. This review will take a closer look at the task chair. You can buy Herman miller Aeron chairs from office logix shop.

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Characteristics & Features

The task chair is available in three different sizes and your weight and height will determine which size is the one for you. Each size can then be fully adjusted with help of innovative suspension and natural tilt.


Where this chair really differs from other office chairs is through the PostureFit feature that provides lower-back support below the beltline for healthier posture and superb lower-back comfort. All three chairs also have a high and wide contoured back to take the weight off the lower spine. Other ergonomic features include a waterfall front edge that reduces pressure under the thighs for better circulation and good arm support through sloping arm rests.


Through a very strong Pellicle (mesh) suspension system your weight is evenly distributed over the seat and back. The Pellicle also conforms to your shape and minimizes pressure. The mesh material also keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the whole day.

Natural Tilt

A Kinematic tilt means that the chair moves with you and supports the preferred posture whilst changing from forward-leaning to recline position. This is achieved since the backrest and seat move in proper relation to ensuring correct support in all positions.