The Boiler Maker Job Description In Victoria

The boilermakers build, set up, and repair boilers, vats and other big vessels. They store liquids and gases under pressure that are used in various industries. They provide steam for turbines in ships as well as electric power plants. They also provide power and heat in the construction industry.

The advanced Boiler operation makers should be able to fulfil the following duties:

* The job description includes following the blueprints to set up large boilers at-site or assembling small boilers at an industrial plant.

* They align the sections using plumb bobs, levellers and wedges. They also turnbuckle the sections.

* They ensure that the edges of the section are properly positioned and then bolt or join them in place.

* They connect other essential components, like valves, water tubes, and gauges.

* They check it for leaks and weak points.

* They check and maintain boilers, as well as update parts such as burners in order to increase efficiency.

• They fix boilers when they have become damaged or worn.

* They might need to remove a boiler in order to repair it. Other times, they have to replace the entire part of an appliance.

* They place special equipment on tanks and boilers to stop fumes or smoke from polluting the air.

* They build boilers as well as other vessels at shipyards, power plants and factories.

* They are employed by the steel and iron industries railway companies, chemical plants, refineries as well as other industrial firms in which they repair and maintain boilers.