The Joy Of Using Natural Soap Bars

Handmade natural soaps are much better for the skin for several reasons. One of the main things is that the glycerin that is produced when lye is combined with oils is not removed (since most of it is found in manufactured soaps). Glycerin is the best moisturizer of all for your skin. 

So with just those few ingredients, you have a good soap cleanser and skin moisturizer. You can also buy a herbal fruit soap bar via

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But there is more to natural soap bars than just that. Some contain wonder ingredients like cocoa or mango butter for even more delicious smooth moisturizing effects. Other oils, such as soy, canola, olive, and palm, can be added to provide more mildness, make the soap more foamy, or make the lather firmer. The aloe vera in the bar adds healing qualities that will soothe damaged skin.

Powdered natural herbs add a delicate natural color. There are fruit and herbal oils that create beautiful scents, as well as almond, oatmeal, rosemary, or lavender to exfoliate the skin or treat specific skin concerns. You can find honey or wheat germ in natural soap bars that you buy.

Because there are no artificial preservatives or chemicals in this soap, a little care should be taken when storing it. If you keep it in a cool, dry place, a bar of natural soap will last about three years, although it might last less due to certain ingredients. Always read before you buy. There will be instructions provided if you need to handle your natural soap bars with be more careful.

You are not only doing something wonderful for your complexion by using soaps with natural ingredients. You're also helping to protect our environment by not sending those harsh chemicals through your home's drains, your city's sewers, and waterways in general. What an easy way to add your home to the growing "green" community!