Thing You Should Know About Semi-Automatic Capsule Filler

The whole array of semi-automatic capsule fillers is pretty straightforward. First, the capsules are transferred to a funnel, the size of which varies from 00 to 5. 

The powder is transferred again in a separate funnel driven by a corkscrew, which ensures constant filling in each capsule. You can also check for the semi-automatic capsule filler through various online sites.

Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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In this procedure, a vacuum suction device is used to separate the capsules and then insert them into a loading ring (the size varies from 00 to 5). The operator then uses a vacuum to split the capsule.

After the capsules have been separated by the above procedure, the loading ring is pulled out, exposing only the underside. This bottom area is located in the filling section of the machine together with the load ring, after which the operator starts the filling process. 

The capsule rotates under the cartridge as it moves through the capsule. The powder is pressed evenly into the capsule with a bottle opener. This ensures that each capsule is the same weight and size. 

Then, as before, the loading ring is put back together in the sealing part of the capsule filling machine. The guard is closed by the operator once these rings are aligned. 

In the filling line, there is a capsule polishing machine, which consists of a set of corkscrew brushes and a dust collector. All dust particles are removed by vacuum to obtain the highest quality capsules.