Things to Know Before Considering a Puppy Daycare In Toronto

While most of us know what to expect from preschool, for the first time pet parents rarely know what to look for in their kindergarten. Choosing a dog daycare center that fully meets your dog's needs and requirements is an important task.

If you have to say goodbye to your best friend every day before work, you need to find the right hotel for dogs in Toronto where your puppy can communicate, exercise, and have lots of fun.

Babysitting is a lot like kindergarten for toddlers, there's time to play, relax. The right kind of kindergarten should leave your dog tired, loved, and happy at the end of the day.

You leave your dog in the hands of daycare staff, so it's important to know how well trained they are. They should need to be trained in dog body language and be able to deal with stress and anxiety in small dogs. 

Always ensure that emergency personnel is ready and able to identify potential problems before major complications develop.

While the property shouldn't look like a 5-star hotel it should be well-maintained, ventilated, and clean. Your puppy should be able to play on a non-slip surface and have adequate access to a clean pot. 

Also, check that there is an air-conditioned area and that there is enough room for the dog to move around and not feel trapped.