Top iPhone Real Estate Apps

There are many applications that should be on every iPhone however, there are some really important ones you should have on your iPhone if you are a real estate agent. Applications that can help you stay organized, save time and keep track of important client contacts and such.

These applications are great for anyone who wants to stay on the righteous path of their chosen field of work but work exceptionally well for the individual that works in real estate. Below are some of the top-rated applications for iPhones to make your business production better and make you a better business person.

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iPhone App: Evernote

Evernote is one such nifty, iPhone application. This application works to help you keep perfect track of your clients and important contacts. You simply scan a person's business card by using the camera and like magic you have the person's information at your fingertips. This program works very well for anyone needing to keep important phone numbers and addresses of individuals for immediate use. There are boatloads of apps to help in this area and others, however, this one has sure got its great uses.

iPhone App: Sketches

Another ideal iPhone application is a program named Sketches. When working in real estate, you almost always have to keep a camera handy. This program, lets you take pictures of properties that you may need to send to a customer. It also lets you add information, arrows, and such to the pictures themselves.

If you need to point out a certain area in the property photo, then simply place an arrow to show the client the area you need them to look at. Pretty neat huh? Applications for the iPhone are becoming more advanced all the time and programs will eventually be developed to let us do even more.