Top Qualities Of An Ideal Instructional Designer

As many institutions broaden the range of their offerings online, ranging from courses for K-12 and higher education as well as corporate education, the demand for instructional design professionals is growing rapidly.

The job of an instructional designer is in demand across industries, resulting in a multitude of opportunities for those with the requisite experience and skills to work in a rapidly expanding sector. You can also get more information about instructional designers and elearning developers via

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Similarly, an instructional designer having web, graphic, and/or multimedia design skills can set these employees apart when it comes time to build digital materials to complement instruction. 

Here are the top qualities of an idea instructional designer:

1. Quick learner

Instructional Designers should be able to create learning solutions for every topic under the sun as competent courseware developers. To do so, they'll need to be fast learners with minimum guidance from SMEs.

2. Creative explainer

These employees use clear and intuitive explainer models at both the macro (curriculum designs) and micro (instructional strategies) levels of a learning solution.

3. Expository writer

Different types of writing exist to communicate your ideas, but these employees should be able to write in an expository style while creating learning material. 

The material must be simple and easy to understand. Each piece of content should be organized in such a way that it builds one idea after another.