Trends of Business to Business Marketing

Business-to-business (B2B) is an event in which one business has a commercial relationship with another. It is typically the case when A company is seeking out ingredients for their manufacturing process (e.g. a food company buying salt. 

A company may require the services of an additional company in order to run its operations (e.g. food manufacturers employing an accountant to review their financials). A business is a reseller of goods and services that are produced by third parties (e.g. retailers buying the final products from the producer).

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Business 2 Business Marketing - Definition and Successful Strategies

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Today, there are more devices on mobile available today than there are people including tablets, smartphones, and even "wearables". The consequence of this trend has been that screens with smaller sizes are increasing in importance in comparison to bigger screens. 

Trends In B2B Marketing

1. Mobile marketing will be the central point

2. Brands need to be more authentic and trustworthy.

3. The importance of quality content is growing constantly.

4. Marketing automation is finally going to be used in the manner it is supposed to be.

5. The importance of analysis and reporting is growing. importance

6. The Internet of Things is growing

7. Modern marketers are a professional again

8. This client's no longer the king and the emperor is now in charge.

9. COX's point of view

10. More businesses are restructuring