Various Benefits Of Playing On A Private Golf Course

Some resorts and hotels have their own golfing facilities on which only those staying at the resort or country club are welcome on their own private golf course or links course, although sometimes they do allow their guests to bring a visitor with them.

Among the advantages to playing on a private golf course include fewer holdups from large groups and professional instructions available to help with some of the player's challenges.

The stigma often associated with a private course is that most believe the cost to play these courses is too high. However, with many country club links courses the fees for a round of golf are usually included with all the other facilities available at the country club. 

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There are also vacation packages that include at least one round of golf and may include different resorts on different days, allowing for a variety of courses to be played over the course of the vacation.

Typically, the condition of the course and the level of challenges are higher at a private course compared to many of the public ones since the amount of play is limited, hence there is less damage. 

While a majority would offer the use of riding carts to traverse the vast greens to use while playing, there are some that only allow walking to minimize damaging the course.

In addition to resorts, there are some communities built around a private golf or links course and play is limited only to residents of the community and their selected guests, since their home ownership within the community allows them free membership. 

Such courses are usually in top condition, but will ultimately be determined by the community's management.