Water Based Leak Detection

Leak-tightness is a requirement for all products and packaging. And there is a unique, simple and highly effective way to check the tightness and integrity of the seal. Water-based leak detection technology allows for the identification of the smallest leaks and the testing of seal integrity, without the need to use trace gases.

This method of leak detection, also known as the bubble leak test, bubble emission test or bubble leak detection, is one of the oldest and most intuitive methods of leak detection. It involves the use of a water bathtub.

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The ease of handling makes it easy to detect leaks with tools and equipment. The water-filled chamber is filled with the specimen. The package is then pressed down below the water surface by closing the chamber. 

To create a vacuum, the air above water is evacuated. The visible stream of bubbles is created when the modified atmosphere gas or air escapes from any leak points, such as the seal. Therefore, the naked eye can also determine if a product is leaky and if there is a defect in its packaging seal. 

Reasons for leaking packages  

Leakages can occur in the manufacturing and sealing of packaging. With the help of modified atmosphere packaging and also with vacuum packaging, the sealing seam is particularly susceptible to leakage.

There are many reasons for such leaks: improper temperature distribution or pressure distribution, inappropriate joining tool design, worn or contaminated tools, seam contamination, and faulty temperature/pressure distribution. The film material can also be defective, causing a whole lot of packaging to leak. The opening point is another critical area that could lead to leaks.