What Does A Physical Therapist Do?

Physical therapists treat patients suffering from medical conditions or injuries that hinder their ability to move, or to function within their daily lives. Patients typically visit physical therapy after being recommended by their primary doctor. 

Trained physical therapists in the field, work with patients who have suffered an injury or illness that has affected their mobility and range of movement.

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Physical therapists will evaluate patients and develop an appropriate recovery plan. They typically focus on treatment that can reduce necessity for surgeries or prescription medication. Physical therapists use the combination of exercises and stretching techniques, hands-on exercises and equipment to improve the function of their patients or alleviate discomfort.

Practice scope

Physical therapists collaborate with education assistants and therapy assistants, social workers, nurses, doctors and surgeons for treating patients from all age groups from infants through the elderly. Some of the most frequent tasks and duties are:

  • The diagnosis of patients is based on a degree of functioning by watching them walk, stand, and complete tasks, while being attentive to their needs
  • The creation of an individual treatment plan based on what they observe about the patient their expectations and goals as well as the available research about the condition, as well as their expertise in medicine
  • Monitoring the progress of the patient and altering the care plan if necessary.
  • Making and implementing strategies to ensure that you are able to complete