Why You Should Use a Nanny Agency in Washington

Nanny agencies specifically focus on the needs of your family. Unlike online childcare services, your family gets a "personal touch" in finding the best suitable nanny. Many agencies will meet with your family face-to-face, either in their office or at your home.

This consultation is very important in establishing a great relationship with your family. The agency will get to know your family and know what specific type of nanny they are looking for.

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The agency will find out what type of personality and philosophies the potential nanny should have for your family. Whether it is a career nanny for your newborn or a college student to entertain your 4-year-old, an agency will find exactly what you are looking for.

Qualified Nannies

After consulting with your family and discussing what qualities your nanny should have, agencies search for the most qualified nanny. Some agencies will have you look in the agency's database for possible matches, while others will have a database themselves, or will advertise for a nanny to meet your qualifications. The most important aspects in finding a nanny for your family are the nanny's character, experience, background, and reference checks.

Each nanny brings their own unique personality to the family they work for. It is important to match the family's personality to that of the nanny.

Communication is very important for both parties involved. Agencies normally ask for at least two years of experience. Many nannies are "career nannies" with years of experience while others may have a degree in child development or a teacher certification plus experience.

The agency will make sure each potential nanny is CPR certified and will run a thorough background check. The agency will also call each reference to make sure the nanny is of good character and has impeccable references. Nanny agencies will place you with the most qualified nanny for your household.